Blood supply in the equine foot!

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Have you heard about the barefoot approach to hoof-care? Do you  know what is natural for your horse and his gait?  Horseshoes can have negative effects on your horse's health. Did you know that shoes restrict the natural movement and vital expansion of the horse's foot? A bare foot naturally absorbs and distributes pressure - the way Nature designed it to do. A bare foot also encourages healthy blood flow in and out of the hoof. 

In most instances, a horse can be kept barefoot, even under working conditions.  I learned this on my own, when I transferred my own horses from shoes to barefoot. Not long after transitioning them, I went to school to learn about the natural way of horses  feet and how they work. Now as a natural trimmer, I believe in doing what is best for my own horses and your horses too.  With the correct supportive conditions, such as Diet,  proper trimming, and the balancing of  the foot for optimal posture and gait, horses can thrive as barefoot animals, as they were meant to be in the wild. After studying with many barefoot experts, and going to many barefoot clinics, I am a very strong believer in keeping a horse barefoot.

Any horse owner can appreciate that every horse has a very unique 
situation, and every horse has a very unique foot . As a barefoot specialist, I am dedicated to finding the solution that works best for your horse. I work carefully with each horse to build a solid foundation 
that starts with correct and balanced trimming. My goal is for your horse 
to feel better and more fluid, by obtaining the correct posture for optimal skeletal and muscular performance. 

I also work very conscientiously with all horses so that they 
feel safe, and confident with me.  Patience is the key component,
to me earning their trust. 

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