Nutrition is very important for your horse! What do you feed your horse and why?? Did you know that feeding natural raw diet can benefit for your horses feet?? 

Horses in the wild eat forage and what ever they find! Horses in stables are fed grain which is a processed food mostly full of sugar, molasses, those two things can be bad for your horses feet and body! 

In year 2010 my pony was diagnosed with a thyroid which he was in bad shape and got to the point all he wanted to do is lay down and never get up he was pretty well foundering, so what did i change to get him out of it yes you guessed i changed his diet to raw vegetable diet with in 2 months he was a different horse! All my horses are now on a raw diet they are all doing wonderful and have strong feet! The results are amazing! I will be posting a few things on what i feed them!  

Here is a basic recipe i feed two two of my horses: I try to feed this to them once a day but of course being busy with work and i am on the road allot i only get to feed this to them 2 times a week now!


1 apple

1 orange

1 banana

3-4 carrots

1-2 yams (or sweet potatoes) if small then two potatoes

Greens: one or a combination of spring mix, Swiss chard, spinach, kale, green leafy lettuces, dandelion leaves or other green leafy veggies. Give a couple of generous handfuls or more.

Sprouts -- a handful of any kind of sprouts.

1/4 cup of raw pumpkin seed

1/4 cup of Black Oil Sunflower Seed.

1/4 cup ground flax seed

1 oz. dried granulated Kelp

1 cup of dried, unsweetened coconut flakes or chips

tablespoon of Celtic Sea Salt or 1/2 cup of celery 

1/4 cup Safflower Oil that is infused with a large glove of garlic.

Dash of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

You can also change it up and add other fresh veggies or fruits! I will post a list of veggies fruits and nuts that can be fed to the horse.

Also i give  hay to the hroses! Winter time they get hay through out the day! Summer time they get raw vegetable diet and also are turned out on grass!

NO TOMATOES, NO RAW POTATOES (except for sweet/yams), NO ONION, NO EGGPLANT, minimal green pepper.