Balance  Trim:

$65.00- for horse (4 to 6 week schedule)

$65.00 -for minis/donkey, pony's (4 to 6 week schedule)

$95.00 -for draft/cross ( 4 to 6  week schedule)

$15.00 -Touch up Trims: ( for rehabs who require every two weeks)

$30.00 - Removal of all 4 shoes

Travel Fee flat fee of  $25.00 after 30 miles


Any clients with in  my town and Andover, Wilmont, Bristol ,Salisbury, New London,Danbury, Grafon  those are all local clients 

and trims are $65.00 for Horses, ponies, donkeys, minis 

and $95.00 for Draft/cross 

and there will be no travel fee!


BHS is accepting  Amex, Discover, Mastercard and Visa

Credit Card payment is dependent on cell service and is also subject to an additional 3.5% fee 

Returned Checks will be subject to an additional $30 Fee as well as the original amount of the check

Cancellation policy: 24 hour notice is required. You can contact me by email, phone or text message.

If you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours in advance there is a  charge of $35

Take a look around the site for more information and advice on natural approaches to hoof care, and you will end up with a happier, healthier horse!

Contact us:

 Balanced hoof services 


Po Box 134, Danbury, NH 

Cell phone number - 603-491-0646